I Loved to Dance

I Loved to Dance by Lise Day

You asked me to dance
I, dazzled, acquiesced
You held me so close
I scarce could breathe
You controlled the rhythm
I mastered the steps
You did an about turn
I pirouetted
You began to retreat
I stepped forwards
You spun out of control
The choreographed steps
I improvised
You staggered and fell
I took a bow.


One thought on “I Loved to Dance

  1. Lise, greetings!

    I feel your poety. It has touched a nerve. In my case, poetry evolves in two emotional exremes, pure bliss or absolute sadness…there is no in between.

    I sit here smiling secretly,remembering that you were my teacher of many things in the classroom of 1968…

    I now need to pluck up courage to send you my “soul” in print.
    Poetry erupts when the world is dreaming. I always have pen and paper ready in my side dresser..
    …. and I write…

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