The Other

The Other by Kerry Hammerton

You wait for me to get home
every night,
whether it‘s six o’clock
or really late,
wearing my slippers.

You take the best side
of the bed.

There is never any popcorn
when I want it,
when I cook soup
you are the first one
in line.

You drink the tea
that I make.

You write poems,
get enthusiastic about
feminine rhymes,
demand towelling bathrobes,
velvet dresses,
high heel shoes,
fountain pens,
and leather covered notebooks.

You never open an envelope,
or answer emails,
ignore the clutter
in the sink,
and your shoes abandoned
on the bedroom floor.

I pay the bills,
get the car serviced
buy wedding presents
and birthday gifts,
vacuum, wash
the windows,

and so we go on,
disregarding each other –

but what I want to know:
why am I the one
who shuts off the alarm
in the morning
and gets out of bed?


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