Ways to write a poem

Ways to write a poem by Elaine Edwards

You can nurse a
glimmer of a
scrap of a
hint of an idea
then one morning, sitting in an upright chair
at a desk, with sharpened pencil poised,
run lines across a page-

You can one night
while cooking soup and chopping
carrots, onions, leeks,
think of one brilliant line
and sitting at the kitchen counter
seize paper
(shopping list, envelope,
bridge scoring sheet)
and pen
(wrest it off the telephone pad)
and scrawl your words
topsy-turvey to the mix.
Leave to simmer until done.

You can wake up at one night
mind as new-minted as the moon
and sitting in the lunar light
collect your thoughts
then write and
write and

None of these ways will ensure
you’ll write a poem
but all of them will
at least
allow you


One thought on “Ways to write a poem

  1. Alison Smith

    Oh yes : great metaphor – your’e not inclined to add more about the cooking techniques of simmering, stewing ? or flash fry, for example ?

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