The Sea Change

The Sea Change by Elaine Edwards

The sea sounds in my bedroom:
waves seeping into the carpet,
pounding the dressing table,
crashing on my pillow.
I float in watery dreams:
pearly-eyed sailors, giant squid, soft-bellied crabs.

Once I was planted,
stood sturdily in my Highveld garden
seasons swept by me
I shook off my leaves in the high cold sun,
green-fingered, entered spring
my fruit was golden, soft-skinned, sweet and juicy,
summer-rain fed and nurtured.

Monkey thorns, paperbarks, knob thorns and marulas
don’t transplant
pale exposed roots shiver in the sterile sand
the south-easter strips the leaves
once-proud trunks creak and break.

Mere flotsam now, I lie on the shore
a perch for quarreling gulls
seasons sweep me by
my coral bones grow brittle
as I suffer my sea change.


2 thoughts on “The Sea Change

  1. Alison Smith

    Oh I love this – the contrast between Highveld and sea shore works beautifully – one of your best to date!

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