Cape Town 2010

Cape Town 2010  by Michael Keeling
Fan Walk to the Stadium

Bursting from buses,
alighting from cars,
scrambling from taxis
and tumbling from trains,
they spilled out of corners,
the streets and the alleys,
from bridges and paths
and little known lanes;
vuvuzelas and scarves
and uncanny hats,
they followed the vibes
like the Pied Pipers rats.
Old ones, young ones,
kids up on shoulders,
the ordinary people
from so many lands;
Jostling and joking,
caught up in the tide,
past skipping ropes,
stilt walkers,
stalls on the side;
acrobats tumbling
in breath-catching deeds,
souvenir sellers,
shaped wire and beads.
All to the rhythm
of drumbeat and song,
the river of nations bonhomied along.
200,000 (from newspaper talk)
headed for Cape Town to walk the Fan Walk.
It was fun, it was funky, footloose and free,
right there, where The Mountain sweeps down to the sea.


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