The artist’s stadium (i)

The artist’s stadium (i) by Elizabeth Trew

He paints his stadium in red,
works quickly before the acrylic sets,
rests his canvas on a green point of the wounded earth
on the spirit place of forgotten first people.
Bone girders support  the  body filling the space
where he suspends a ring of global lights.
From a green soccer pitch at the heart
made of crushed glass
rows of empty fan seats rise and rise to the roof
open to the stars.
the air inside sizzles electric
tattooed  with hosts of mechanical parts –
machines  and engines –
wheels,  blades  and butterfly keys.
His stadium turns in its cradle
powered by blades of wind beside ocean waves.
Flexed and ready it waits for the world.  

(Stadium, by Robert Slingsby. Acrylic on canvas, Cape Town, 2010).


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