Dinner with Tierhoek

by Elaine Edwards


Popcorn risotto and rooibos caramelized pearl onion sorbet
paired with
a fresh lean style Sauvignon Blanc. Good balance between herbaceousness and fruit. Has potential to age.

fresh lean young limbs,
balance perfect
potential to age


Homemade duck sausage, burnt butter and thyme potato mash, with asian greens and oriental reduction
paired with
Delicious uncomplicated wine. Soft expressions of plum and cherries with a delicate hint of spice and harmonious barrel integration.

delicious and uncomplicated living
soft expression of love
harmonious integration
plums and cherries
hints of spice


Slowly cooked ox tail served with oven roasted baby vegetables and tempura.
paired with
A full-bodied wine overflowing with expression and flavour. Six months of French oak add fullness and complexity, while the minerality and stone fruit acidity provide a long lasting after taste.

Full bodied, slowly matured
babies grown
overflowing activities add
expression and flavour
life’s sweetness and acidity
provide a long lasting
after taste.


Earl Grey Baked bread and butter pudding with an apricot and honey semi fredo and a lightly spiced chocolate panna cotta.
paired with
An unctuous wine that entices you from the first sniff to the long after taste of the last drop. Chenin Blanc made from old vines, picked early then left to dry for two weeks. The dried bunches are then pressed……(page two missing)

Dried and old? Maybe.
Permission now to enjoy pudding, honey,
apricots and chocolate
but only lightly spiced.
(our digestions are delicate).
What awaits us at the end?
Who knows?

Page two is missing.


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