The ‘Ginconvenshun Bird

by Michael Keeling

If you look at the moon when it’s upside down
And the sun has gone to bed,
Right there in the space where bats should fly
You’ll see something glowing red.
This is the ‘Ginconvenshun Bird
That only flies at night,
The wrong way up and back to front
Keeping it’s tail in sight.
He lays his eggs in plastic bags
And ties them with a bow,
Suspended from the cliffs and crags
where you’re not meant to go.
But creep outside in stealthy mode
With your trousers on your head,
And with upside down efficiency
Follow the glowing red.
If it twists and turns then go straight on,
If it’s left then you turn right,
For wherever it’s going it’s coming back
As sure as black is white.
You’ll end up at the nesting site
As the chicks are hatching in.
Hatching out is convenshunal
But remember these are ‘Gin!


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