Tell the truth

by Angela Prew

‘Tell the truth’, said my mother,
‘and shame the Devil.’
But was my truth
her truth?
Is truth, like beauty,
in the eye of the beholder?
We promised, you and I,
to be true ‘for ever’,
but we were young and
when is ‘for ever’?
So we told the truth
on demand
and led our separate lives
always true
to ourselves
but not to one another.
Was that Truth?
‘Veracity’, ‘fact’, ‘reality’
are dictionary definitions but
what do they mean to us?
Can we tell the truth,
the whole truth and
nothing but the truth?
I doubt it.
For if you tell the truth,
If there’s one ‘whole’ Truth,
Do we need a Judge
sitting on the Bench
deciding which truth to believe?
Perhaps the Devil’s only shamed
if we don’t tell the truth
to ourselves.


One thought on “Tell the truth

  1. Love your poem – talking about one of the mysteries of life – what is the truth and who decides? Each of us has our own; each is valid; each an expression of Spirit or the spirit. Thank you for posting.

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