by Angela Prew

When Moses heard God speak
from the burning bush
was the breath squeezed
from his breast?
When Ezekiel saw the Lord
surrounded by the fire
which brought his visions:
the four living creatures
and the wheels of fire,
did he gasp in wonder?
When Mahomet
walked in Paradise,
he felt overwhelming fear
which also filled Saint Paul
on the Damascus road;
events that world religions
are built upon today.
When Saint John revealed
his nightmares
in his Book of Revelations,
puzzling twenty centuries
of scholars;
when I heard that voice
behind me as I drove, saying
“You must forgive your father”;
when I awoke one morning
to find my dead mother
sitting on my bed
were we all seeing visions?
But there are no visions,
no visitations,
the doctors tell us,
only anomalies in the brain.


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