Why ginger beer is good for you

by Liz Trew

It’s not the bullish drink
that kicks robustly in
cools you down
sharpens the tongue
and gives you tang and zing
that’s good for you
but the art of making it yourself –
the time I followed the recipe faithfully –
put ginger (bruised) with lemons, sugar, yeast
and cream of tartar into pots of boiling water
poured into neatly labeled bottles of glass
kept sealed and warm on the shelf
and waited patiently.
But the rebellious brew broke its bottles.
Loud explosions were heard in the street
as my spirited drink burst out,
struck against my kitchen walls with foam and flying glass
and left a fizzy lake on my shattered floor.
So take my tip: to avoid explosions
leave room for your drink to breathe,
and never bottle for long.


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