Jozi, Jozi City, Jozi (1)

by Elaine Edwards

Northern suburbs – May

This way I salute you
my gold credit card flashes in the Malls:
Sandton City, Fourways, Rosebank.

Streets of my childhood transposed
into walkways of glass, marble, granite.
An oval skylight diffuses the sun.

Black Diamonds sparkle

hairpieces flowing,

gold jewelry glistening,





shopping at Bilancioni, Eboka, Zany Dolls, Banana Moon, Sowearto Kids.

We eat at Tasha’s – eggplant and caviar,
lemon, ginger and apple juice freshly squeezed.
Nothing like the pink fluid I used to rinse my bloody mouth,
here, fifty years ago.

On the roads belligerent 4X4s jostle,
drivers on cell phones wind up deals,
discuss styles with their hairdressers.

Overhead graceful pin oaks
glow with reds, orange, gold.
Go ‘way birds bicker in the foliage.

Next to a gracious Bryanston home
the Cellini mansion looms,
scaffolded, concreted, bare-earthed.

As we reach our gate
I find my pass: my life, my love.
Jozi, with a brassy smile,
welcomes me home.


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