Other Pleasures

by Lise Day

‘Hmm’ the gynae notes
‘sexually inactive’

Hidden in the cleft
beneath the curving breast
of Titties Baai
and her nipple rock
I slip naked
(too large to skinny-dip)
into the icy blue
beyond the numb
the tingling of each hair and pore.

On Paternoster’s streets
(forgive me Father)
I buy illicit crayfish
plunge into the boiling pot
just six minutes
peel back the scarlet lips
nibble the creamy flesh
butter and lemon
oozing foamy juices
slip down my throat

Dance the tango
(perfect partner in my head)
thrusting hips sliding steps
stamp to the tribal beat
jiggle the buns
wobble the bosoms
twirl my feet
lost in the sound
of ’Freshly Ground’
create my own fandango.


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