Three Sisters, Karoo

by Liz Trew

lookalike sisters
freckled and round
in soft shale brown
black eyes glinting in the sun

sow seeds of grass in their rockeries
hear the church clock
and farmers’ wives bringing butter and lamb
and roses into town

highway sisters
tell their long journey across the Karoo
watch clouds of dust pass by
truckers driving in with daughters of the town

satellite sisters
eyes in the sky
look to the stately turn of stars
shining nightly over town

Bring us clouds of rain!
the sisters cry to the sky
playing their musical rocks
with the wind

brown sisters
in shades of green in the rain
each with a different flower in her hair


One thought on “Three Sisters, Karoo

  1. Afternoon Liz,

    I put together a small literary magazine, The New Richmond Reader, with short stories, a photograph and often a Karoo poem. This is one of my projects from Booktown Richmond, where we also put on two very good book festivals in May and October.
    I would like to include your Three Sisters, Karoo poem if you would be so kind as to consent… the next NRR should be out with our next newsletter in a couple of weeks.

    Many thanks

    Best regards,

    Peter Baker

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