Becoming a poet

by Michael Keeling

To be a prolific writer

I would have to have discipline.

And discipline I have not.


I would have to have

an all-consuming passion to write.

And this all-consuming passion I have not.


No I shall be a poet;

fill pages with my thoughts;

write anything that comes to mind

in an order out of sorts.

Have_ punctuations: anywhere?

or not as no one seems to care

keep it all in lower case


stanzas starting


any place

staggered lines

in fu

nny shapes

neednt bother

writing verse

or rhyme

thats even worse

in fact be as lazy as I like

but will

they read it


2 thoughts on “Becoming a poet

  1. ah yes, they will: but that’s because this is an engaging little parody that makes a point many of us would like to make.
    All these tricks you mention: sometimes they are pertinent; so often they are hopelessly misconceived!

  2. Michael Keeling

    Thank you John. I’m old. I still think Shakespeare got it right! But, yes, in the right context and in order to prove we’re different, I’ll allow it!

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