by Michael Keeling

I don’t know if it is
and I have never taken
the trouble to find out
but when I was at school
it was a question
that cropped up regularly
when quizzes were on the go
(like that railway station in Wales
that ends in gogogog)
and I thought some new boy
probably hadn’t heard it before
so I would be the Clever Dick
because I myself
when asked
had never heard of the word either
and of course
would never admit it
but just say oh that one
you’re right I had forgotten
and change the subject
to cricket or football
and as for knowing
the meaning of the word
well I’m not sure I do
to this day
except someone
did tell me
that it is to do with the church
(a subject I’m not too hot on)
and if someone was trying to
disestablish the church
and I didn’t agree
I would be on the side of the

By the way
is that the longest sentence?


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