Lowveld Lyric

by Lise Day

Silvered web and feathered grass
Tremble cool in air of dawn
Rank scents deep in morning pool
First sun catches, white on thorn.

Slender trunks, pattern, patch
Flap of ear, fluttered lash
Curve of horn and tufted tail
Zither zebra, impala flash.

Curl of leaf, clustered seeds
Berries bright in caverns green
Brilliant flight in Anna boom
Emerald, saffron, twitch and preen.

Burchells flap, starlings gloss
Arrowmark babble, owlets cry,
Flaunt of hornbill, finches fire
Hawks and eagles soar the sky.

Bush baby clowns herald night
Blue sysie sky deepens dark
Crescent moon tangled in fig
Night’s hush broken, hyenas bark.

Plum and purple, mountain glows
Warmth and fire, evening scents
Below, the embers, dying fire
Above, the stars, magnificence.


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