Road Hog

by Michael Keeling

It’s great to put your foot down
when the lights have just turned red,
come screaming to a halt
leaving passengers half dead,
keep revving while in gear
and when the lights turn green
just motor like the clappers,
leave behind your smoking screen.

It’s great to take a turning
without giving any sign
and watch the bloke behind you
as he tries to stop in time
and if the git in front
is sticking to the law
force him to increase speed,
go on, get up his craw!
Put your hand flat on the horn,
wear a scowl upon your face,
sit right up on his tail
till he’s trav’ling at your pace.

It’s great to hit the highway
when the road is free and clear
to prove you are the fastest,
Wot me? The best? Oh yeah!
Throw your fag end out the window,
turn the radio up loud,

let them write upon your tombstone,
‘He was bloody but unbowed.’


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