October Moon


by Lise Day

In our huts
mosquito-nets shroud sleeping bodies
humped in slatted bars of light
Outside men coiled in sweet poppy-smoke
puff on pipes stained beetle-juice red.
This, the village of the Hill People
who share their homes with foreigners.
I shuffled around a fire
to learn their dances in the jangle
of silver discs from nose and ears;
shared a meal of unknown origin;
swallowed rough drink when the cup was passed.
Now I stand alone in a tangle of moonlight
the dark bulk of an elephant down-stream
silver bamboo stalks ready to be bound
into flimsy rafts for tomorrow’s journey.


One thought on “October Moon

  1. Madeleine Buchmuller

    thank you dear Lise – i like both of your poems a lot – congrats – and thank you for thinking of me at all! – see you sometime again – love and light from Madeleine

    Madeleine Buchmuller 17 Ben Roma 120 Ocean View Drive 8005 Sea Point Cape Town

    phone: 021 4330708 cell: 072 5113313


    skype: madeleine.buchmuller


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