by Michael Keeling

These days everything’s about diet.
Banting’s in town; eat anything you like
except carbs. Well, a little bit of pasta’s OK occasionally.

Me? I’m not a pasta man but I do need spuds.
Can go wild over roasted with the Sunday joint.
(That’s joint as in meat.)

Gave up sugar years ago, in the 70s, when the price rocketed.
Total protest ban in our house and not an added grain since.
Miracle of miracles food began to taste!

A little like giving up smokes I’m told but
there’s a habit I never started;
a) tasted awful, b) who’d trade a good movie for a drag?

Booze is another story. I have been known to get smashed.
Long ago now though. Dotage breeds caution.
A little wine, a little whisky, a glass of Pimm’s on a hot summer’s day…..

Another thing. All my working life I had two eggs for breakfast,
a glass of full-fat milk and definitely butter not margarine.
If it wasn’t for genetics I should make 100!


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