Essential Papers

by Angela Prew

How many people, I wonder,
lie in bed, memory gone, awareness lost,
at crucial times in their lives.
Now, memory returned,
we know you failed,
at that time,
that time between life and death,
to renew permission to live with me
in this, my pleasant land.

We rushed to put it right, to the office
where they sent us across town
to another office where,
snowed under with requests,
they put your papers
into a file under many others
and there they stayed.
We visited on the given day
every month,
but no movement was detected.

Four months, many phone calls later,
they noticed your age, signed the papers.
Back to the first office, across town,
where, they said, your papers were now filed
in Pretoria.
Delays followed. They moved to bigger offices
and, again, we sit,


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