dance the more glory

by Elizabeth Trew

gentle strong dancer dancing into the world
dance again solo on the red hill

swirl the tails of your animal dress
with laughter in sun-wind

dance to the earth and its bones beneath
your arms open raised to the sky

rhythm feet turning the centre of you
letting arms flow to the voice of your body

turning the more deeply to its music
gentle strong dancer, astonish me again


The absent girl

by Liz Trew

Gossamer-light she steps out
visible to those who watch her dance

lifts an unseen globe above her head, turns and tilts
her dervish whirling flares her skirt

drifts to the window, presses her cheek on the pane of glass
moves away, wraps herself in a cloak of hair

I reach out to ask her name
but her eyes tell me she’s gone away.