by Michael Keeling

Kalahari dusk…

On rooftop
eyes pierce the gloom,
as the brown shadow,
striped flanks, bushy tail,
passes at a seeking trot.
“Aardwolf”, whispers Willem,
“Count yourselves lucky,
seen about five in my life.”

of thirty years
tracking experience.
Just time to note
large ears, shaggy coat,
a determined passage
to feeding ground
and wary acceptance
of our presence.

How strange this termite eater
of African savannah
shares hiding place and diet
with the morphologically
so dissimilar Aardvark.
A bifurcation of evolution…


Kalahari Images

by Elaine Edwards

A black-maned lion standing in the long grass
Dark scribble on a timbered wall.

Springbok drinking at the waterhole at midday
Amber-bead necklace on a white silk scarf.

Long grass rippling in the wind
Gold damask curtains in candle light.

Two squirrels sheltering from the sun
Two ampersands in parentheses.