dance the more glory

by Elizabeth Trew

gentle strong dancer dancing into the world
dance again solo on the red hill

swirl the tails of your animal dress
with laughter in sun-wind

dance to the earth and its bones beneath
your arms open raised to the sky

rhythm feet turning the centre of you
letting arms flow to the voice of your body

turning the more deeply to its music
gentle strong dancer, astonish me again



by Annette Snyckers

In the slanting light
of late afternoon,
I plant lettuce, tomatoes,
green peppers in rich dark loam.

Afterwards I wash the soil
from my hands and feet
and lie down on the sofa
by the open window.

I see sky, see tall trees,
listen to Beethoven —
the Piano Sonata No.17 in D minor.
I close my eyes.

My hands open
to the Allegretto.

Opus for Job Creation

by Lise Day

(Manfred, Opus 58 which has the loudest
Climax Tchaikovsky ever wrote)

Seventy musicians required to portray
Manfred lost in the Alps:
two harpists to warble a quick melody
a triangle tinger and cymbal basher
a fit timpanist to run down the corridor
and chime three distant bells
a flurry of bow sweepers and pluckers
a blast of trumpeters and other blowers
all the wide legged cellists
oh – and the famous organist who understands
the growling temple of pipes.

So the birds trapped high
in the city hall
beat at the clerestory windows
the outside cleaners
stop their wiping and scraping
transfixed by the onslaught of sound.