Colours of Water

by Lise Day

Glacial green snow-melt of a Northern sea
pushing into the ice-carved fjord
Black velvet at midnight the warm Thai ocean
spangled fluorescence of fallen stars
Bronze-brown the ooze between my toes
the Vaal river of childhood adventure
Chalky lime water collected and still
the Silent pool in Surrey hills
Lake Malawi spread-eagled under African sky
crystal fragments tiny fish darting
Sapphire seas wash Greek island shore
sunlight and shadows submerged in the deep
Coppery bloom of rain washed silt
unfurls from the river mouth newly open
Cut-glass green the Plitvisk Lakes of Croatia
tree trunks bleached to fossil fingers
Dark the mystery of a Scottish loch
salmon leap ladders flicks of light
Silver bright the Boulders pool
Penguins dressed in their best black and white
Brak water gift of the mountain mist
precious amber flow of my garden stream
Shiny shimmering breaking reflecting
water, celebrate the spectrum, flow.


Taking the Waters

Taking the Waters by Lise Day

Ancient spring bubbles hot
source deep down earth’s core
Victorians modestly shrouded
itchy woollen bathing suits discrete
decorously languorously soaking
in mineral rich waters
wreathed in early morning steam

We plunge below the surface
splash shrieking down the super tube
children leap from pool to pool
bright with noodles swim- rings arm- bands
bikinis in neon lycra lime and fuchsia
the Muslim eyes behind the burka
look wistfully on till
she dips an emancipated toe.