Cornelia Rohde

Cornelia Rohde was raised in an Ohio apple orchard. She completed a master’s degree in Massachusetts, and has lived and worked since 1968 in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Haiti, India, and South Africa.

She and her husband Jon currently live in Cape Town and Spanish Wells in the Bahamas.

Her poems have appeared in Heart of Africa, Difficult to Explain, in the journals: Carapace, New Contrast and Stanzas, and online in type/cast, Aerodrome, Peony Moon and Incwadi. She is a part of the Pleached Poetry group, The Grail Writing Retreat, and Finuala Dowling’s poetry workshops.

Her published work includes a creative non-fiction memoir, Catalyst: In the Wake of the Great Bhola Cyclone, and two collections of poetry:  Beyond the Devil’s Backbone, and Torches in Shadows, where her poems are combined with paintings by Hester Ohbi, an abstract impressionist artist who exhibits in Washington, DC.









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