Pam Newham

Pam Newham moved from Johannesburg to the Cape 10 years ago. She lives with her husband Doug and small dog Harvey in a house in Hout Bay with a view of the sea.

She has worked as a librarian, an English teacher and in public relations.

For the past 24 years she has been a magazine journalist. About three years ago she decided to concentrate on fiction writing and this year has had “Three Blind Dates” (a book for girls between the ages of 9 and 12) published as well as a short story in “The Bed Book of Short Stories” and some poems in Finuala Dowling’s book, “Difficult to explain”. She is living proof that childhood dreams come true even if you may have to wait (almost) a lifetime.

She loves reading, walking on the beach, movies and long lunches with friends.




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